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  • Mick Hughes

Return To Sport Tests: The Star Excursion Balance Test.

What tests do you use to guide your patient's/athlete's return to sport following lower limb injury; such as ankle sprains or knee/hip injury? The Star Excursion Balance Test (as shown in pic above) is a valid and reliable test, as are the single leg/triple/triple crossover/6m timed Hop Tests, and the Agility T-Test. The Star Excursion Balance Test is a beauty and it's benefit is 3-fold: 1) It can be used as a rehab exercise 2) It can be used to guide return to sport decision making 3) It can be used to screen athletes at risk of future lateral ankle sprains and lower limb injury. Take home message: If you're not using or doing the Star Excursion Balance Test, you need to get around it. 

For more information on this topic, see link below: 

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