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25 recent ACL papers that will improve your clinical practice

Each year, there are literally 1000's of scientific ACL papers that are published in journals.

So to help block out the noise, and help you focus on the things that will actually help your clinical practice and your patient outcomes, I have found a list of 25 papers that are highly relevant in helping you be a better clinician.

Even better, the list of 25 papers below are FREE full text papers! To get access to the paper, just simply click on the link.

So without further ado, here they are, so jump on in!

Rehab vs Early ACLR vs Delayed ACLR

Filbay et al 2023

Reijman et al 2021

van der Graaff et al 2022

Saueressig et al 2022

Whittaker et al 2022

ACL Injury Prevention / Risk Reduction

Parsons et al 2021

Arundale et al 2022

Arundale et al 2023

Crossley et al 2020

Al Attar et al 2022

Kellis et al 2022

ACL Injury Epidemiology

Chia et al 2022

Clinical Tests for Acute ACL Injury

Tanaka et al 2022

Pre-op ACLR Rehab

Giesche et al 2020

ACLR Rehabilitation

Brinlee et al 2021

Culvenor et al 2022

Buckthorpe et al 2021

Kasmi et al 2021

Koc et al 2022

ACL Return to Sport Testing

Roe et al 2022

van Melick et al 2021

Kotsifaki et al 2022

Kotsifaki et al 2022

Ebert et al 2021

Hogberg et al 2022

I really hope you get something useful out of these papers as much as I have!

If you're looking to learn more, and really take your clinical and practical ACL rehab skills to the next level, consider taking Learn.Physio online ACL Masterclasses.

Click on the links below to find out more about each of the online courses


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