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  • Mick Hughes

Calf Capacity and Normative Values

A great study looking at the reliability and normative values of a heel raise test

This was a single legged heel raise test to fatigue done on a 10 degree incline at a cadence of 60 beats/min via metronome.

566 participants of a variety of age groups were instructed to lift the heel as high as possible for each heel rise until no further repetitions could be performed, keeping knee and trunk straight

Failure was achieved when the subject could no longer lift the heel from the incline or complete a rep, maintain the set pace or joint, or cheated through using the wall Prior to testing a 10min warm up was done through light jogging or walking with 10 submaximal bilateral standing calf raises It is to be noted that this was restricted to participants with a BMI ≤30

How did you go? Let us know in the comments below!

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