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Dynamic Knee Warm-Up

Looking for a good way to "warm up" your knee prior to a run/training session/leg day in the gym? Give this little 10min circuit a whirl rather sitting on the exercise bike for 10mins. FYI: This would be suitable for most types of knee pain including ACLR patients from 4weeks post-op and those with PFJ pain & patella tendinopathy. Exercise 1: Static Squats 5x30sec (30-60sec rest between reps)

Exercise 2: Terminal Knee Extensions 3x15 (30-60sec rests between sets)

If you're time poor and "rest" isn't your thing between these sets, do other body weight exercises such as single leg calf raises & arabesques to get the hanstrings and calf muscles ticking over in readiness for your training session. I've co-authored the Melbourne ACL Rehabilitation Guide with Randall Cooper. Download it today by clicking on the link ⬇️⬇️

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