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Don't Skip Legs Day!

How many single leg heel raises can you do? Herbert-Losier et al (2017) studied over 500 healthy active people and found the following norms for male & female age groups: 20-29yrs: Males 37 reps, Females 30 reps 30-39yrs: Males 32, Females 27 40-49yrs: Males 28, Females 24 50-59yrs: Males 23, Females 21 60-69yrs: Males 19, Females, 19 70-79yrs: Males 14, Females 16 80-89yrs: Males 10, Females 13 This information is a really useful guide for those going through any type of lower limb rehabilitation (especially foot, ankle & calf) to make sure they're working towards age & sex-matched healthy normals. Just because you have had an injury, doesn't mean we should lower the standards of your ability. In fact, we should be sending you back to the things that you like to do, fitter and stronger than ever before! When doing your calf raises, make sure you're pushing up to the sky and through your first 1-2 toes; not rolling out onto the side of your foot. For more information on injury rehabilitation, go to my website 

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