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  • Mick Hughes

Australia: We Have A Problem.

In Australia, we have an ACL problem; and I'm trying my best to do something about it. Over the last 15yrs, we have seen the number of ACL reconstructions increase over 70% in those aged under 25. And if we look at young female athletes, they fare worse than men. Looking just only at the recent AFL women's injury report over the last 2 years, female athletes had an average ACL injury rate of 5 per 1000 player hours. In comparison, in 2017 male AFL athletes sustain ACL injuries at a rate 0.7 per 1000 player hours. Im sure that the world isn't that different to what is going on down under. The problem with ACL injury is that, regardless of non-surgical management or surgical management, the person will suffer from impaired function and quality of life in the short and long terms. The concerning thing is that 50% of all ACL injuries are PREVENTABLE. This is one of the reasons why I have produced an online ACL Masterclass with Randall Cooper; to share with everyone all over Australia (and the world) the latest research on injury prevention programs and how we can try to improve adherence and adoption rates. 

The tutorials also share with you, for those unfortunate enough to sustain an ACL injury, the evidence on how to improve post-op ACL reconstruction outcomes and return to sport. If you're a health professional (remember, ny tutorials aren't just for Physios), you can log the Masterclass as continuing professional development and claim it back on tax. To get instant access to watch as much as you like, whenever you like, wherever you like, simply click on the link here

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