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  • Mick Hughes

Injury Prevention Equals Performance Enhancing

Summer sports are nearing an end and across Australia, participation in winter sports such as AFL, soccer and netball at all ages and levels of competition becomes the weekly norm. Due to the repetitive jump/land and change of direction of these sports, lower limb injury is an all too common consequence. However, there are excellent programs designed to reduce injury risk but also IMPROVE PERFORMANCE! All they take is 10-15mins to complete before training & games each week and as a result you will be able to run faster, jump higher and be more balanced & agile AND have a significantly reduced risk of lower limb injury! Furthermore, the less likely you and your team-mates are to be injured and missing games, the more likely you are to finish higher on the competition ladder! I dont know about you but that sounds like a win-win-win to me! Below are links to the PERFORMANCE ENHANCING PROGRAMS.. FIFA 11+ FIFA 11+ KIDS Netball KNEE AFL Footy First

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