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  • Mick Hughes

Plyometric Training

It's well established that Plyometrics enhance physical performance, but when prescribed correctly, they have also been shown to significantly reduce injury risk. In a systematic review of injury prevention programs for adolescent athletes, it was found that programs that included plyometrics reduced injury risk by 55% vs 26% for those that didn't (Rossler et al, 2014). Dont be tempted to think more is best!! 2x sessions per week is plenty (with 72hrs rest between sessions). It's recommended to gradually build up from 50-60 jumps per session, to a maximum of 120 per session (Bedoya et al, 2015). Also a very good idea to include multiple direction jumps and both double and single leg lands as shown in my video. References: Rossler et al (2014) - Bedoya et al (2015) - 

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