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  • Mick Hughes

Subsequent Injury: Don't let your players become "Injury Plagued".

Regardless of the sport you look after or are involved in, be aware of SUBSEQUENT injury! Not RECURRENCE of a previous injury, but an injury to a seperate body part soon after return to training or sport from a primary injury. 

37% of injuries in AFL are subsequent to a primary injury, with hamstring injury being the most common subsequent injury (Finch et al, 2017). 

Take home messages: 

1) KNOW your sport and the COMMON injuries of that sport. Eg. Ankle sprains in Basketball/Netball, Hamstring strains in Soccer/AFL, Patella tendon pain in Volleyball/Basketball & Achilles tendon pain in Runners. 

2) Be proactive in trying to reduce SUBSEQUENT INJURY from occuring to prevent your players being "injury plagued". Avoiding periods of absolute rest and looking to modify training are essential ingredients to reducing the risk of subsequent injury. 

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