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  • Mick Hughes

Plyometrics & Eccentrics for ACLR Rehab

A great study here by Kasmi et al (2021) looking at the benefits of plyometrics and eccentric exercises in female ACLR athletes.

After 14 weeks of rehab, the athletes were randomised into 4 different groups that performed these extra training sessions on top of their regular ACLR rehab:

- plyometric only (n=10) - eccentric only (n=10) - combined plyometric and eccentric (n=10) - control group that performed usual rehab (n=10)

After 6 weeks of intervention, the group that performed both plyometrics and eccentric exercises had significantly better dynamic balance (Y-Balance test) and had significantly better single leg hop test performance (hop for distance, triple crossover, 6m timed and triple hop for distance) compared to the other 3 groups.

What do you think of this research? Would it change your clinical practice?

If you're looking to dive a bit deeper into this paper, click on the link here to get access to the full text article.

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