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  • Mick Hughes

Knee OA Risk Reduces With Return to Pivoting Sports

There isn't a typo in this post. You are reading it correctly..

This research from Haberfield et al 2021 is also consistent with Oiestad et al (2018) who showed that after 15yrs, those who returned to pivoting sports had 60% less chance of radiographic OA changes and had significantly less symptoms compared to those who didn't.

Do these results surprise you?

I must admit, they surprised me. But one of the possible reasons why makes sense to me.

To get back to participating in pivoting sports requires a high-quality rehab period for at least 9-12 months.

With this high quality rehab comes a better support system to the knee to tolerate the high loads of pivoting sports.

Did you return to pivoting sports after ACLR?

If so, how is your knee holding up in function and quality of life?

If you're interested in learning more about high quality ACLR rehab, consider taking Learn.Physio ACL Masterclasses by clicking on the link here


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