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  • Mick Hughes

Hop Test Benchmarks

It wasnt the main purpose of the study, but van Melick et al (2019) reported some nice benchmarks for young, male ACLR patients to strive for prior to being cleared to return to competitive sport (specifically soccer/football).

In van Melick and colleague's study, healthy male amateur soccer players (ave age 21yrs) scored on average the following on these performance tests:

  • Single leg CMJ 24cm

  • Single leg hop test 160-170cm

  • Side hop test 55-60 reps

We know comparing the ACL injured leg to the uninjured leg (AKA limb symmetry index) at the time of returning to training and sport comes has limitations.

So benchmarks (or normative values) like these from healthy uninjured athletes may just provide a better alternative when guiding our athletes to return to training and sport.

What are your thoughts on using normative values rather than limb symmetry index when guiding ACLR athletes to return to sport?

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