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ACL Injury - Indirect Contact Mechanism

Did you know that "Indirect Contact" ACL injuries accounts for up to 68% of all "Non-Contact" ACL injuries in NFL, 50% in netball and 20% in soccer (Johnston et al 2018, Stuelcken et al 2016 & Walden et al 2015)?  

Although as many as 50% of all ACL injury types are preventable with Injury Prevention Programs (Webster & Hewett 2018), some injuries are beyond the control of the athlete (genetics, anatomical differences, hormones etc) and/or are simply part and parcel of playing the game. 

Nevertheless, "Indirect Contact" injuries can be prepared for by attending regular team trainings and making sure perturbation drills (eg. Partner Push and Jumps & Bumps) are added to the dynamic warm-up prior to training and games. For more information on ACL injury and rehabilitation, sign up to my online ACL Masterclass here

I've also co-authored the Melbourne ACL Rehabilitation Guide with Randall Cooper. If you are going through ACLR rehab, or work with ACLR patients, go to

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