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Reverse Nordic Exercise

You may have heard of the Nordic Hamstring exercise, but have you heard of the Reverse Nordic exercise? Just like the Nordic Hamstring exercise for the hamstring muscle group, the Reverse Nordic has been shown to significantly increase the length, thickness and cross-sectional area of the Quadricep muscle group; in particular the Rectus Femoris muscle (Alonso-Fernandez et al, 2018). Although this exercise is primarily aimed at reducing the risk of quad strains and recurrences, I certainly see it playing a role in mid-late stage ACLR rehab; especially those that have had quads tendon and patella tendon grafts (provided the knee is comfortable to kneel on) to strengthen the quads. Not a bad way to also continually work on knee flexion ROM. Here is the Reverse Nordic Exercise protocol:

I have co-authored the Melbourne ACL Rehabilitation Guide. To download your copy today, simply click on the link below ⬇️⬇️ For more information on ACL injury and rehabilitation, go to my website

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