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November 25, 2019

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December 9, 2018

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November 20, 2017

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11+ Kids Injury Prevention Program Resource

October 18, 2018



Do you work with young soccer players? 


Do you know that there is a youth-specific injury prevention program called the "11+ Kids" thats different to the traditional 11+? 


Did you also know its incredibly effective in decreasing injuries, improving performance measures and being cost effective? 


You do now..

11+ Kids reduced the risk of all injuries in young soccer players (7-13yr olds) by 50% but importantly reduced the risk of severe injuries by 74%, and all lower limb injuries by 55% when compared to a group that did their "usual" warm-up (whatever that may be) (Rossler et al, 2018).


Furthermore, in just 4 weeks the 11+kids was shown to improve performance outcome measures of balance, agility and vertical/horizontal jumps (Pomares-Noguera et al, 2018).

And if you need anymore reasons to make sure that this simple & effective 15min warm up is added to the start of every training session and game, the 11+ kids reduced healthcare costs by 51% (Rossler et al, 2018).

To access the 11+ Kids, simply click on the link below: 


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