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Pre-op ACL Reconstruction Fun Facts

#1: 72% of ACL reconstruction patients returned to pre-injuy level sport at 2yrs follow up when their pre-op physio program included 10 sessions of neuromuscular training vs 63% whose pre-op physio did not (Failla et al, 2016). #2: As little as 5 weeks intensive pre-op physio that set goals of attaining 90% limb symmetry in quads & hamstring strength and single leg hop distance prior to ACL reconstruction resulted in superior knee function outcomes at 2yrs post-op vs "usual" pre-op care (Grindem et al, 2015). At the Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre, I am starting small group knee classes in November which would be suitable for those awaiting ACL reconstruction. For further details on what the classes entail and how to join, see link below:

For more on all things ACL injury, download my ACL rehab guide by clicking here, and/or watch my online ACL tutorials by clicking on the following links:

1) (delayed access, password required)

2) (instant access)

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