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Sleep, Injury & Performance

For elite athletes sleep is a crucial part of their preparation for sport and an even more crucial part of their recovery from matches and injury. For amateur and community level athletes however it is a frequently over-looked strategy to improve performance and assist in recovery from injury. 

I often ask my patients how they recover from training and games, and they will rattle of “stretch, ice bath, foam roll, hydrate (+/- a couple of post-games beers), eat well, etc etc”…but rarely do I hear “I try to get at least 8 hours or more sleep per night”.

Less sleep has been found to be a risk factor for higher injury rates in adolescents & poor sporting performances (1 - 4). The National Sleep Foundation recommends that Adults get between 7-9 hours sleep per night, and Adolescents should aim for 8-10 hours sleep per night. 

To go and get some sleep however is easier said then done. If you're struggling to get at least 8 hours quality sleep per night, here are 5 key ingredients to getting a good night's sleep:

1) 7-9 hours per night and consider naps during the day if less than 7 hours sleep per night. 2) Sleep in cool (but not cold), dark room. 3) Avoid using electronics or personal devices in bedroom. 4) Limit technology use 1 hour before bed. 5) Reduce caffeine after lunch, and minimise alcohol at night (3). 

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4. Juliff et al (2017) -

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