• Mick Hughes

Multiple ACL Injuries

It's really sad hearing these stories in young athletes, but unfortunately 2nd ACL injuries are common in under 25yr old athletes - occurring in 20-30% of cases.

We can never eliminate risk of reinjury, but we can certainly reduce the risk significantly with these simple measures:

  • Delay return to competitive sports until at least 9 months. IMHO, non-professional athletes should wait 12 months minimum

  • Minimum >90% LSI quads and hamstrings strength. IMHO 95% LSI and strength values equal to normal athletes should be strongly considered.

  • Minimum 90% LSI on a battery of hop tests. IMHO 95% LSI and hop measures comparable to healthy athletes should be strongly considered.

  • Psychological readiness assessed via ACL-RSI. Minimum 77% score, but ideally 90%+

  • Movement quality assessed. Landing Error Scoring System is the best of a bad bunch. <5/18 would be ideal.

Would you add anything else?

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