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Free Online ACL Resources!

As a busy clinician, it can be very difficult at times to stay up to date with the latest research in the area of ACL management. Not only that, it can be difficult to know what to read, watch or listen to. 

To make it easier for you, I've compiled a list of FREE videos and podcasts that will help you stay current with the ACL literature; specifically conservative management, pre-op physio, post-op physio, return to sport testing and ACL injury prevention programs.

FYI: For all you ACL injured patients out there, each one of these resources is delivered in a way that you will understand and benefit too!

To access all of these FREE resources that totals over 5hrs of content, simply click on the hyperlinks below:

Q&A with Craig from The Prehab Guys

APA Sports Physio Article on The Melbourne ACL Rehab Guide - click on APA SPORTS PHYSIO ARTICLE button

Facebook Live videos with Randall Cooper:

1) Pre-op

2) Post-op and strengthening (first 6 months)

3) Return to Sport

Podcast with Karen Litzky 

Podcast with Vison Exercise Physiology

Podcast with The Rugby Renegade

YouTube video - How to return to running safely following ACL reconstruction

I hope you enjoy all of the resources provided and learn something new! 

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