• Mick Hughes

Achilles Tendon Study

Melbourne Runners, I NEED YOUR HELP!! Peter Malliaras and I are doing a study on Achilles tendon pain in recreational male runners, and need to gather 2 sets of runners; Those that have a chronic history of mid-portion Achilles tendon pain, and another group who have never had Achilles tendon pain. Here’s what we're looking for: Inclusion criteria: - Male - Aged 18-55 years - Fluent in both written and spoken English - Able to provide informed written consent - Achilles tendon pain on 1 side only (not relevant for the pain-free group) - More than 12 weeks history (not relevant for the pain-free group) Exclusion criteria: - History of Achilles surgery or rupture - Injection for Achilles tendon pain in the last 6 weeks If you have patients, or know someone who meets the criteria and are willing to participate, the testing will take approx 1 hour. To compensate people for their time, I will provide participants with a strength and conditioning plan to assist in their running goals (pain-free group) and a rehab plan (Achilles tendon pain group). If you are able to participate, please contact me directly at mickwhughes@yahoo.com.au 

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