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  • Mick Hughes

4 Simple Ways To Improve ACL Injury Outcomes

If you have an interest in ACL injury rehabilitation and improving your patient/athlete outcomes, I have made it very easy for you to stay up to date - and importantly matintain best practice - with a review of the latest evidence on ACL rehabilitation. 

In my 90min presentation, you will learn the following (and much more): 1) The latest evidence surrounding pre-op physiotherapy 2) The latest evidence supporting criteria-driven return to sport testing 3) The latest evidence supporting injury prevention programs (and how to improve "buy-in" with coaches and athletes) 4) How to reduce the risk of ACL re-injury To access my online ACL Masterclass, click here

Not only will you be able to learn this evidence, you can also claim Continuing Professional Development (CPD) from the comfort of your own home! This applies not only to Physiotherapists but Exercise Physiologists, Exercise Scientists, Sport Scientists, High Performance Managers and Myotherapists. 

Considering it is much less than the cost of other online learning opportunities, it's a pretty good deal for those interested in improving outcomes in their ACL reconstruction patients! I hope you enjoy the presentation that I have put together for you, and I hope that you get something out of it; to not only improve the outcomes in your ACL reconstructed patients, but also reduce the risk of ACL injuries occurring in the first place! Yours in health, Mick Hughes


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